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Steam Accessories


Helo Fibre Optic Lighting System

Mood lighting can dramatically influence the effect of steam on the senses from invigorating to ultimate relaxation. For reliability and longevity in the testing Turkish bath environment Helo favours Fibre Optic lighting with the single high power light box remote from the humid area. Of course we only offer the best - 100 top quality glass tails with brass sleeve and solid lens - neatly concealed in roof grout or using discrete sleeved lenses supplied.

Offered with Shimmering White output for balmy night sky effect or colour changing to vary the mood in conjunction with different aromas.

Order Code Description Price  
OPTIC/STAR Night Sky fibre optic lighting system – 100 tail – colour changing or shimmering white £1,848 Buy Now

Aroma Systems & Essences

Add an extra dimension to your steam experience with a Helo aroma system. This automatic dosing system pumps a small amount of our rich essence into the steam line creating a heavenly aroma to invigorate or relax according to your choice of essence. The system is easy to install and is powered by the steam generator.

Helo essence is made from a blend of natural essential oils. Just like expensive perfume, each essence is created with a top note, heart note and base note, so unlike synthetic mono-fragrances, Helo aromas develop slowly, change constantly, fill the room and last. A small 3 litre bottle will be enough for approx 100 steam baths.

Order Code Description  Price  
Stess System Automatic essence dosing system for steam, complete with 3 x 1l seasonal essence starter pack  £1,554 Buy Now

Home Stereo Kit For Steam Rooms

The Home Stereo Kit lets you enjoy music or radio while relaxing in your steam room from any source you wish to connect.

With 2 high performance, two-way steam proof speakers for stereo sound and a neat dial type steam proof flush-fitting control for volume and muting. Note: Speaker switch box is no longer included

Order Code Description  Price  
SPS/Kit Steam Proof Speaker Kit with 100W, 8 ohm speakers, 6.5" dia. rotary volume control  £228 Buy Now

Adjustable Vent Outlets And Vent Kit

To allow high level ventilation in well sealed steam rooms, choose from white or stainless steel adjustable vent outlets or a complete kit comprising vent outlet and flexible duct with cable ties for connection to standard 100mm diameter rigid pipe.

Order Code Description  Price  
Vent White  White adjustable vent outlet for connection to 100mm pipe £105 Buy Now
 Vent S/S  Stainless steel adjustable vent outlet for connection to 100mm pipe  £81 Buy Now
Vent Kit Adjustable vent outlet with flexible duct and cable ties - white £134 Buy Now
Vent Kit/S  Adjustable vent outlet with flexible duct and cable ties - stainless steel £134 Buy Now

Essence Starter Box

As an alternative to automatic dosing, this essence starter box consists of 7 x 10ml assorted fragrances - pour a few drops on to the steam outlet.

Order Code Description  Price  
AROMA7 Aroma essences for steam outlet - 10ml assorted fragrances  £40 Buy Now

Fold-up Shower Seat

The Relax shower seat is an affordable seating option for steam baths and showers.

Order Code Description  Price  
RELAX WOOD Teak slatted fold-up seat with chrome/satin finish 499mm wide x 330mm deep (open)  £399 Buy Now
RELAX SEAT White polycarbonate slatted fold-up seat 348mm wide x 338mm deep (open) £157 Buy Now

Helo Steam Doors

Order Code Description  Price  
3317310 790 x 1890mm, silver frame and hinges, stainless steel handle  RH or LH  £1,633 Buy Now
3317308 990 x 1890mm, silver frame and hinges, stainless steel handle  RH or LH


Buy Now

Helo Steam Domes

For a good steam room, you need to fit the right roof! The main points to consider are:

  • Keep the height low to save on heat up time, but make sure you have the headroom you need, particularly if the room will also be used as a shower - ideal height approx 2.1m.
  • The roof should be angled or pitched to allow any condensation to flow naturally to the sides.
  • If you want to fit lights, fibre optics or speakers, make sure you allow for this when choosing the roof design and construction.

Acrylic Steam Domes are ideal for enclosing the top of steam showers, these lightweight, strong acrylic domes are supported by your shower frame and/or wall brackets. Domes are easy to remove for cleaning. With clear or opal finish, domes allow external light into the shower so no specialist lighting is needed. Factory supplied in a wide range of shapes and sizes, our domes can be trimmed to your exact requirement on site.

Order Code Max size (mm) Min size (mm)(trimmed) Clear Opaque  
D9 900 x 900 760 x 760 £280 £362 Buy Now
D12/9 1200 x 900 1060 x 760 £361 £454 Buy Now
D16/8 1600 x 800 1460 x 660 £429 £539 Buy Now
D18/9 1800 x 900 1660 x 760 £551 £666 Buy Now
D12 1200 x 800 1060 x 660 £329 £413 Buy Now
DN9 Penta/Neo Angle – 900x900mm £280 £362 Buy Now
DQ Quadrant – 900x900mm £278 £359 Buy Now
DEQ12 Extended Quadrant – 1200x900mm (L/R) £360 £453 Buy Now

Steam Proof WBP Panel Roof Boards

Where a more permanent false ceiling is required these 11mm ply roof boards with bonded mat white laminate surface are ideal to provide a secure, water and steam proof enclosure. Easy to fit to a perimeter frame with slight fall for condensation, you can use as a single sheet up to 2400 x 1200mm or join 600mm boards with a "click fit” T&G joint.

NP600/W 2400 x 600 mm - T&G to link boards together for inside the steam area £236 + £48 delivery
NP900/W/HW 2400 x 900 mm for use inside the steam area - flat edge, fit as one piece, cut to size £381 + £48 delivery
NP1200/W/HW 2400 x 1200 mm for use inside the steam area - flat edge, fit as one piece, cut to size £486 + £48 delivery

Steam room seat sections

If you want to build your own steam room or steam shower, but would like to buy the seats / benches, Helo is now also able to offer you three different types of seat section.

Simply buy 1m sections and glue together (glue supplied). Add corner sections (measure 1m from corner to end of each bench), and create a bespoke seating layout for your steam room.

  1. Square seat section - ideal for large format tiles.
  2. Rounded seat section - ideal for mosaic tiles.
  3. Rounded seat section with backrest - ideal for mosaic tiles.

Bench section 1m - square front
BS-SF   £454.38


Bench section 1m - roll front
BS-RF   £636.46

Bench section 1m - roll front with backrest
BS-RFB   £721.13
Corner section 1m each way - square front
CS-SF   £959.88
Corner section 1m each way - roll front
CS-RF   £1,334.48
Corner section 1m each way - roll front with backrest
CS-RFB   £1,688.65
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